Get more life out of your railroad ties

SpikeFast - respike wooden ties

Vibrations and sheer weight take a toll on the spikes holding your rails to their wooden ties, over time widening those holes and rendering the spike ineffective. SpikeFast fills those holes, and provides more strength than plugs and foams so you can respike less often



SpikeFast's withdrawal force is equivalent to that of unspiked hardwood ties and nearly twice that of wood plugs and foam. Read about this and more in the report commissioned by national railroads.


Sets in 10 Minutes

SpikeFast can be injected and respiked in ten minutes, allowing your maintenance and repair team to minimize downtime


Water Resistant

It's not always sunny when rails need to be prepared, and even if it is, the surrounding area may be wet. SpikeFast repels water and deeply penetrates cracks to reduce moisture infiltration and tie rot